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TEFL Educator Recruitment and Management

  • Who is MindXplorer?

    MindXplorer Education Association, LLC (MindXplorer hereafter) was founded in 2014 in Beijing. MindXplorer’s goal is to diversify the Chinese educational system by introducing international concepts and perspective into public schools. MindXplorer is devoted to educational development in China by forming a shared learning platform with advanced educational philosophy and innovations. MindXplorer has established a strong relationship with over 10 Chinese educational district bureaus representing more than 100 public schools in China.

    MindXplorer helps the Chinese Board of Education to choose qualified foreign teachers to teach in China via TERM(TEFL Educators Recruitment and Management, TERM program hereafter)program. MindXplorer is recruiting English teachers for Chinese public primary/secondary schools and colleges in China.

  • TERM Public Schools

    • Public Primary school / Middle school / High school / Vocational College in Beijing
    • Class Size: Around 35 students
    • Students do not move to different classrooms, the teachers do
    • Each class has a head teacher
    • Each school provides a bilingual guidance teacher for foreign teachers
    • Working hours: No more than 25 each week. No office hours
    • 2 semesters: Spring semester is from March 1st to early July. Fall semester is from September 1st to late January
  • Requirements for Foreign English teachers

    • Bachelor’s degree or above
    • Meet one of the three requirements: TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate (at least 120 hours) OR 24 months English teaching experience reference letter OR English/Education major
    • High moral standard as a teacher with teaching integrity
    • Adapt to new environment quickly
    • Age - from 22 to 60 years old per requirement of Chinese Foreign Expert Bureaucracy
    • Healthy with no criminal record (must provide documentation of a "clean" criminal record)
  • Benefits Package

    Salary package(1 dollar ≈ 6.83 RMB)

    • Base salary: RMB 12,300 or above per month
    • The free shared apartment or apartment allowance(range from 1000 to 4000RMB) will be provided according to different school location
    • Utilities subsidy of RMB 200 per month is provided
    • Less than 25 working hours per week, no office hour, no work during weekends
    • Accident and medical insurance is provided
    • Round-trip flight tickets reimbursable upon completion of contract, maximum RMB 10,000
    • Fully paid about 3 months winter & summer school vacation
    • (Summer vacation will start from early July to the end of August. Winter vacation will start from late January to the end of February.)
    • Paid Chinese public Chinese holidays, including Spring Festive holiday, National holiday, Labor’s day, etc.
    • Paid 1 additional day on Christmas
  • MindXplorer TERM Program Management

    • Z work visa and work permit application service
    • Apartment assistance and airport pickup provided
    • Beijing life navigation service provided
    • All year round support service on foreign teachers living and teaching aspects
    • Foreign teachers classes observation and teaching seminars arrangement
    • Free cultural trips and exploration in China
    • Cultural activities and parties organization etc.
  • TERM Program Q&A

    1. What kind of visa do we need to obtain to teach in China?

    • You will need to apply for a Z visa to teach in China. L visa is a tourist visa and it’s not legal to work in China with L visa.

    2. I am not majored in education or English; can I apply for this English teacher position?

    • Yes, of course. We can help you to learn TEFL courses and get the TEFL certificate.

    3. Who will apply for the Z visa for us?

    • MindXplorer will start the visa application for the foreign teachers as soon as the teachers sign contract with the public schools.

    4. How long will it take to get the Z visa?

    • Generally it will take about 1.5-3 months to get the work permit notification to obtain the Z visa.

    5. Will the apartment and utilities be provided?

    • The free shared apartment / apartment allowance and monthly utilities stipend will be provided. The apartment placement will be made before the foreign teachers’ arrival. MindXplorer will help to deal with all the matters related to rent the apartment.

    6. Will we have insurance?

    • Yes, of course. The accident and medical insurance will be provided for free. If the foreign teachers feel sick in China, MindXplorer staff will help to make appointment with the hospitals and take the foreign teachers to see the doctor and submit the insurance claims.

    7. How many working hours do we have per week?

    • In public schools, the working time will be no more than 25 hours per week. Some schools may have even fewer classes according to the school teaching schedule. Foreign teachers will not have office hour. They are only required to arrive at school before English classes start.

    8. What is the classroom size?

    • Generally there will be around 30-40 students per classroom in public schools. There will be a leader teacher for every class. And at school there will be a bilingual Chinese guidance teacher to assist on the class management at the very beginning.

    9. Can I learn Chinese while teaching?

    • Yes. MindXplorer provides free Chinese courses. And if you need a private Chinese tutor, we can also help to recommend some Chinese teachers.

    10. Will we have support service for the whole contract year?

    • Yes. MindXplorer will work with the public schools and foreign teachers to support from all aspects to ensure that the foreign teachers will enjoy both teaching and personal experience in China.

    11. Will we have some cultural excursions and get some chances to experience more Chinese culture?

    • Yes. During the school year, MindXplorer will organize lots of cultural trips and activities as a special bonus. There will be spring trips to Great Wall, cultural excursions to some other cities such as Xi’An where there are Terra Cotta Warriors, and Shanghai which is the most commercial and modern city of China, Shandong province where you can climb the most famous Taishan Mountain, etc. Some foreign teachers’ holiday gathering and dinner parties will also be organized during the school year. MindXplorer is a fun place to work for!

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