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MindXplorer Education Association’s goal is to diversify the Chinese educational system by introducing international concepts and perspectives, educational management systems and other educational resources into public schools. MindXplorer is devoted to educational development in China by forming a shared learning platform with advanced educational philosophies and innovations. At the same time, MindXplorer has been vigorously spreading Chinese traditional culture to other countries. Both Chinese and Western school districts, boards of education, administration, faculty and students can benefit from a shared learning platform and in-depth communication.  MindXplorer works with over 10 education bureaus representing more than 50 schools with China.

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We are constantly growing, after years of development, and we have formed relationships with schools and educational institutions in China, USA, UK, Belgium, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries for the purposes of carrying out international teacher training courses, vocational education cooperation, international internships, customized international study programs, summer and winter camps and more. You and your institution are welcome to join us. MindXplorer is willing to work with you!

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MindXplorer Education Association

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