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Greater Operations and Accelerated Learning Assessment

G.O.A.L. Assessment

Project Overview

GOAL is a third-party-based pursuit of comprehensive reform of the current Chinese education landscape. Commissioned social organizations carry out third-party evaluation of schools as an important way to implement the aims of the local Ministry of Education of "supporting professional institutions and social organizations in standardizing educational evaluation."

MindXplorer Education Group has always been concerned about the development of China's education industry.  The company has been committed to the education authorities and schools to enhance the quality of teaching, school environment, system functionality and services. Now, MindXplorer educational assessment centers, in cooperation with top institutions, carry out professional evaluation bolstered by scientific evaluation systems. The systems collect information on all aspects of schools and other educational institutions for improvement work and providing a reliable basis for administration, teachers, students, and parents to enhance more in line with the needs of their own education development plans. MindXplorer, through tireless efforts, is determined to become a first-class organization in the industry to assess dynamically and competitively, and contribute their wisdom to the development of China's modern education.

Evaluation Objects

The quality of teaching / Education Personnel / Campus

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